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The Guardians 2.2.03 Update and beta

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The Guardians 2.2.03 Update and beta Greetings Commanders, Throughout the development of 2.2 and the 2.2 beta, we found the feedback that you gave us absolutely invaluable. The discussion around balancing and

Elite Dangerous Guardians 2.2 and 1.7 Release Date

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Greetings Commanders, We hope you’re geared up and ready for ship-launched fighters, the Beluga liner, VIPs, passengers, alien archaeology, volcanism, and much more, because The Guardians and Elite Dangerous 1.7 updates

COMMS CHATTER (30/09/2016)

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Greetings Commanders. Here’s this week’s Comms Chatter! CMDR Olivka made this video about the Beluga and its maneuverability. CMDR VinnyTheKnight made a keychain anaconda the other day. Impressive for its size!

COMMS CHATTER: A year's worth of community news (01/09/2016)

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Elite: Dangerous - Taking my Type-6 out for some mining (by MartinBroch)

Gamescom 2016: Day Four - Complete

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Gamescom 2016 is complete! You can watch the livestreams back on our official YouTube channel. You can also watch David Braben’s interview in full on our channel now, and see our Gamescom 2016 YouTube playlist for all the individual videos…

Gamescom 2016: Day Three - Complete

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Day three of Gamescom 2016 is complete! You can watch the livestream back on our official YouTube channel, but keep reading on to find out about some of the highlights we

Gamescom 2016: Day Two - Complete

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Ship Launched Fighters – Prepare to Deploy Some larger vessels can be fitted out with ship hangars, allowing them to construct and deploy single seat fighters. Low cost, stripped down and

Cron Job Starts