Clone States – The Future Of Access To EVE Online

Clone States – The Future Of Access To EVE Online

By CCP Falcon

Today, we are happy to announce a new change that’s coming to EVE Online in November that will fundamentally change New Eden, and how our pilots access it.

In short, cloning scientists in New Eden have developed a new method of cloning that revolves around two new clone states, Alpha and Omega. Omega clones will be familiar to all our current players, and will operate just like a subscribed character does today. Alpha clones will be accessible for free, without subscription, and will be capable of training an assigned set of skills themed to a character’s race.

There's a Dev Blog, published by Team Size Matters today with more details on this feature, and a questions and answers section where we look to clear up some initial concerns and questions regarding this change.

Community feedback will be an enormous part of shaping the form of Clone States, and we’re encouraging all our pilots to get involved and share ideas, feedback and comments on the feature as we develop it and move toward release.

There’ll be more information on how you can get involved via the CSM in the coming week or two, and we’re also hosting several questions and answers threads where CCP Seagull, CCP Rise and several other members of the EVE Dev Team will be on hand to answer questions in the coming days.

If you’d like to comment on the blog and its contents, or give inital feedback on the feature, you can do so in the Dev Blog comments thread here.

Alternatively, if you’d prefer to give feedback via a third party venue, you can do so over in the Questions & Answers thread we’ve set up on the [EVE Subreddit here.]

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