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All "Cursed" Refugees Now in Quarantine on Gallente Prime

Thursday, 01 November 2018 11:36 Written by
2018-11-01 11:36By Lina Ambre Caille, Gallente Prime - Cheers were muted this morning after the arrival of the final batch of Lirsautton VI refugees and their subsequent sequestration within the Jen Yiona Hospital biocontainment unit.

Republic and Federation Condemn "Kahah Massacres"; Threaten Sanctions or Worse

Monday, 29 October 2018 07:51 Written by
2018-10-29 07:51By Lina Ambre Yulai – Tensions escalated between the CONCORD powers yesterday after Republic and Federation delegates threatened the Amarr Empire with sanctions or worse over the crisis in the Kahah system during a special session of the Inner…

Raid on Khanid Slave Ship Fails to Free "Lost Idama"

Friday, 26 October 2018 11:53 Written by
2018-10-26 11:53By Alton Haveri Vezila, Khanid Kingdom – Intaki extremists assaulted the cruiser Pure Faith's Harvest belonging to Sa-Baron Atazil Kufail, earlier today, apparently in hopes of freeing a slave said to be a "lost Idama".

Kahah Uprisings: "Massacres a Humanitarian Crisis" say Republic and Federation Protestors

Thursday, 25 October 2018 18:28 Written by
2018-10-25 18:28By Lina Ambre Kahah, Khanid Kingdom – After an apparent Blood Raider attack using the "Deathglow" chemical triggered widespread slave uprisings in the Kahah system, and fears that Queen Zidarez Khanid had been killed, brutal "pacification" efforts by Khanid…

Garouni Royals Negotiate Third Option in Capsuleer-Sang Do Dispute

Wednesday, 24 October 2018 16:35 Written by
2018-10-24 16:35By Ret Gloriaxx Tei-Su (Chandeille), Lirsautton – Newly married Ensî Beatrice Batteuse and Ensîl Consort Jeras Alaila arrived at the Ensînate of Central Garoun's embassy on the Jin-Mei homeworld early yesterday morning, in order to advocate in defense of…

Kahah Casualties in the Millions; Deathglow Drug Linked to Attacks; Queen Zidarez Injured but Safe

Wednesday, 24 October 2018 08:08 Written by
2018-10-24 08:08By Alton Haveri Kahah III, Khanid Kingdom – Many millions of casualities are being reported on Kahah III, and other planets in the Kahah system, following a series of chemical weapon attacks, widespread slave revolts and "pacification actions" by…

Major Chemical Weapons Attacks in Khanid Kingdom; Queen Zidarez Missing; Slave Revolts Reported

Monday, 22 October 2018 14:32 Written by
2018-10-22 14:32By Lina Ambre Kahah III, Khanid Kingdom – A series of major chemical weapons attacks has been carried out in the Khanid Kingdom system of Kahah. The strikes appear to have been timed to coincide with a tour of…

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