Aegis Eclipse: Stealth in the Shadows

Aegis Eclipse: Stealth in the Shadows

Read Full Terms Project Eclipse Armed with multiple torpedoes and state-of-the-art scan diffusing technology, the Aegis Eclipse has been the UEE’s best, and least known, protection.
It is the Navy’s top choice in border defense and a preferred first-strike weapon against the Vanduul. Now, in an effort to increase transparency with the Xi’an, the Eclipse is declassified and available for purchase by Citizens. Achieving Stealth In 2930, the UEE Navy was in need of a more advanced stealth bomber to use specifically in defensive operations against the Vanduul. Military casualties were mounting in cases of direct combat with Vanduul capital ships. The Navy needed a ship that could strike quickly before the enemy detected their presence or soften up strategic targets in anticipation of a larger attack. Aegis Dynamics won that bid. The arrowing design, massive firepower, and cutting-edge clandestine technology of their design easily surpassed the competition. The Eclipse’s advanced hull system is adaptable to environments thanks to multiple wing configurations that adjust to space or atmospheric flight. After years of extensive field tests, the Aegis Eclipse went into service in 2932. Since then, the Eclipse has served as the unseen sentinel of our borders. Now, it is time to recognize the Eclipse’s many years of service. About The Concept Sale The Aegis Eclipse is available for purchase at a Concept Sale price of $275 and War Bond price of $250. By purchasing this ship, you are supporting the development of Star Citizen. Every dollar earned from Concept Sales goes directly towards creating the Best Damn Space Sim Ever. The developers at CIG appreciate your support. War Bond SKUs include a unique serial number, an additional in-game poster featuring the Project Eclipse logo and an alternate ship skin featuring an alternate ice blue-and-matte black livery used by the UEEN. Funding from War Bond sales goes directly to the ‘war effort’ with funding going to support and enhance the game development process. The Eclipse sale will run through Friday, June 2nd. The loaner ship will be the Aegis Retaliator bomber, with additional access to the Anvil Gladiator for use in Arena Commander. The flight-ready price for the Eclipse is expected to be $330.

Aegis Eclipse Sale

War Bond Issuing Serial Stamps 1-100 Aegis Eclipse LTI - Warbond Edition - Standalone Ship $250.00 USD In stock more infoBuy Now Aegis Eclipse LTI - Standalone Ship $275.00 USD In stock more infoBuy Now The Eclipse Unveiled The secret is out! Discover why the Aegis Eclipse is the UEE Navy’s premier stealth bomber. Open the Magazine or Download Click To Read

In addition to the Aegis Eclipse offers above, we are also making several discount packages available. These packages are themed to match the Eclipse, providing you access to other bombers, escort fighters or even the entire 2947 Aegis lineup.

TOP SECRET Fighter Pack - Add-Ons $240.00 USD In stock more infoBuy Now Aegis War Pack - Updated - Add-Ons $2,350.00 USD In stock more infoBuy Now

New Component Category

With the reveal of the Eclipse, a new category of ship items have been introduced: the Stealth component. For the Eclipse, the Power Plant, Engines, Thrusters, Cooler and Shield Generator utilize Stealth components to allow the Eclipse the greatest specialization in this regard. Like other categories, these Stealth components operate on an A to D scale, with A being the best in class.


Remember: we are offering this pledge ship to help fund Star Citizen’s development. The funding generated by sales such as this is what allows us to include deeper, non-combat oriented features in the Star Citizen world. All ships will be available for in-game credits in the final universe, and they are not required to start the game. The goal is to make additional ships available that give players a different experience rather than a particular advantage when the final persistent universe launches.

Aegis Eclipse

Fullscreen Manufacturer:Aegis Dynamics
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Key technical information

Aegis Eclipse
  • Focus:Stealth Bomber
  • Length:21 meters
  • Mass:17,000 Kg
  • Max Crew:1 person
  • Cargo Capacity:0
Note: Ship specifications are subject to change.

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